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Bitcoin is more than just a blessing. It has helped many individuals rise to great heights that they never imagined. It has helped small businesses challenge big companies and stand the test of time. It has enabled businesses to also excel in international grounds without barriers to payments. People now run businesses and have their staff members in four to five different countries.

Big corporations are now left out. Microsoft, Amazon, and Maersk (the largest container ship and supply vessel operator in the world since 1996) are all on the train. Not only do they accept Bitcoin, but they also went further to integrate blockchain into their systems. Blockchain is the engine that powers Bitcoin. The same way the internet is to Gmail, that is how blockchain is to bitcoin. There are other applications that can be built on and integrated with blockchain. People are also not slowing down in the blockchain too. So what is the big deal and why should you be concerned? Let’s dig in.

Bitcoin as a blessing.

In the last four to five years, people talk have been talking about Bitcoin to the point that Bitcoin sounds more like a blessing than as a currency. Bitcoin has had its share of limitations and attacks in the past, but the price, value, and market share keeps rising. Those that bought Bitcoin at the very beginning and sold it off in April of 2016 when bitcoin was already $450. That is a blessing to them. Now those that sold theirs as in April of 2017, when the price was already $1245, would call it a bigger blessing. Lastly, those that sold off in December of 2017 when the price reached an all-time high of almost $20,000 would call theirs the biggest blessing. But guess, the greatest blessing of Bitcoin remains in how you use it and still acquire more. It is a blessing to those that receive as a means of payment. It is a blessing to those that buy and hold. It is a blessing to that trade, and it is a big blessing to those that mine.

Bitcoin disciples have argued that the price of bitcoin can only go, but it will come after it follows some sequence. According to an analysis. For every bitcoin halving, the price of bitcoin will crash then rise again after the halving.

Some downsides of Bitcoin

1. The market is very competitive: at one point there was a time people could mine with ordinary computers. Later only high-end computers could mine. But today, only high-end mining machines in mining farms mined with a mining pool can mine bitcoins profitably. Mining companies like Mining City, for instance, have to loan miners about 90 days, which they pay back gradually. They even have to travel to countries with cheaper electricity to establish their mining farms.

2. Increased difficulty: the popularity of Bitcoin came with increased difficulty. Bitcoin mining is still profitable but not as profitable as it used to be. Many upgrades have been made to mining machines to keep up its mining difficulty. The increased difficulty also affected the profitability, and as such, many miners have dropped out along the way.

3. Increased hacking activities: if Bitcoin wasn’t attractive, people wouldn’t hack and steal it away. If you have been following the news since early 2016, hackers have been trying day and night to hack and steal Bitcoin away. Compared to the way banks were robbed in the past, bitcoin exchanges have also been robbed. In fact, The CipherTrace Q4 Anti-Money Laundering Report reveals that ~$1,000,000,000 in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018.

4. Getting too comfortable: technology is always evolving. People are always looking for easy, faster, and better ways to do almost everything. In the past, bitcoin was a new kid on the block. People were comfortable with fiat currencies and were not ready to switch. Fast track to 2019, people are desperately looking for bitcoin opportunities such that the rate of falling for a scam is on a high.

So what is the new deal?

Before we discuss the new deal, there is one thing you must know. Bitcoin Project X is not a standalone project. We are also not leaving Mining City. Bitcoin Project X is also a product of Mining City, but it requires buying a new mining machine. What we will have is two mining machines, mining two different coins under the same company.
Before we go into details about this new Bitcoin Project X, let’s take a minute to compliment the creator of Bitcoin. Bitcoin protocols were already popularly known before 2008. What the creator of bitcoin did was to make it more practical and bring it to reality, and since inception to date, bitcoin has experienced only one critical vulnerability. And that was when one malefactor snagged $92 billion worth of bitcoins — fixing that, required rolling back the entire financial record by 24 hours. Nevertheless, just one vulnerability in nine years is praiseworthy.
Next point, they were able to ensure that till date, bitcoin has no central system, and remains transparent.

The picture below tells a great story.
The new goal is to mine the first 25% to test the profitability of this new coin. It is these internal testimonials that we will use to sell the coin publicly starting from December 15th, 2019.

Advantages of Bitcoin Project X over Bitcoin mining

1. Long-term electronic store of value – this new coin will be stored even better than gold. It will have an ultimate electronic store of value, and users can hold their coins with ultimate peace of mind.
2. Protection from fraud and theft – you know that all transaction on bitcoin can never be reversed, neither can it be traced. As such, we have millions of dollars lost in bitcoin because people transferred to accounts that don’t exist or because they mistyped a bitcoin address. But for this new coin, every transaction is alerted on-chain for 144 blocks and can be canceled. So if you transfer to the wrong address, you can recall your funds back to your wallet through an emergency recovery key.
3. A higher reward for miners – as popularity increased, miners increased, difficulty also increased. But for this new coin, the block rewards for miners will be very much higher than that of Bitcoin until it matches Bitcoin’s circulating supply, which is expected to last for approximately one year.

The Four stages of Project X

There will be a sales strategy in place to ensure we beat this target. So what is in it for us.

There are four stages to this effect
1. The pre-order stage – this is the stage where we are. By now, you already know that there are over 22.9 million bitcoin addresses, and only 588 addresses have more than $10 million worth of bitcoin. For reference, that means the wealthiest people in the world by Bitcoin can fit into a single Boeing 747 plane. So our new goal is to ensure we are one of the wealthiest people in the world through Project X

2. Website launch – at this point, it will go public, and people will start learning through a system that will be made available. It will include action plans, success stories, and testimonials.

3. First promotion – At this point, there will be an all-out marketing strategy in place.
There will be training and seminars to ensure as many people as possible become enlightened and join the class of people who have, can mine, and also use the coin.

4. Fast growth – we make use of every channel of communication and our network marketing skills to grow the coin.

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